Call for Expressions of Interest for professional agency: Developing awareness raising campaign on war related sexual violence and on implementation of pension schemes for survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo 

 The Kosovo Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims (KRCT) in partnership with Medica Gjakova (MGJ) and medica mondiale (Cologne, Germany) and supported by BMZ/ Germany, announces:

Call for Expressions of Interest from Professional Agencies:

 Developing awareness raising campaign on war related sexual violence and on implementation of pension schemes for survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo 

Deadline for submission of EoI: January 25, 2018

The purpose of the Call for Expression of Interest is to identify eligible professional agencies experienced in the awareness raising/ information campaign.

This initiative is part of the BMZ funded project “Empower Women to Act – holistic support to women affected by SGBV in Kosovo” in the area of survivors empowerment, ensuring link of direct services for survivors with advocacy and awareness raising activities on local and national level.

Agencies/companies that wish to participate in this Call for Expression of Interest are requested to send or deliver their submission in a closed envelope or by email clearly marked “Call for Expression of Interest” at the following address:

Kosovo Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims, Hamez Jashari str., 16b/2, 10000 Prishtina

Or via email: [email protected]

Applications must be submitted in English!

Applications will be assessed by an evaluation committee to identify agencies/companies that have the mandate, capacities and comparative advantage to support achievement of results and foreseen outputs. Selected agency/company will be invited to develop partnership agreement.


On October 2017, BMZ/Germany has approved funds for the project proposal leaded by Medica Gjakova in partnership with Kosovo Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims.  The project will contribute to the reducing violence against women and supporting transformation processes in the Kosovar society towards more gender equality.


The project consists of three components:

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation of the survivors of gender based violence
  • Support the documentation of sexual violence related to war in Kosovo
  • Increase awareness of society about war related sexual violence and sexual gender based violence

To reach these goals, we are seeking for specialised company on ideation and implementation of  informative/awareness rising campaign.

Aim of the campaign: to sensitize Kosovo population on actual situation of survivors of sexual violence during the war; to inform survivors about applying procedures for the status recognition; to increase knowledge of population about the needs of survivors; to break the stigma that covers sexual violence, thus contributing to increase of the support and empowerment of survivors of sexual violence in Kosovo.

Objective and expected results

The main objective is to develop a communication campaign that accompanies the introduction of the pension scheme, conveying messages against the stigma and the culture of silence and which supports a transformative reparation scheme with regard to gender roles. The main objective is to develop appropriate visibility and communication products to enhance the visibility of the programme for dissemination to the relevant target audience. The target audience will include: survivors of sexual violence, (male) family members, community members, youth, key stakeholders implementing partners involved in the programme; and of the general public.

Expected results

  • awareness and understanding of the actual situation of war related survivors of sexual violence in Kosovo
  • increased support for survivors by community members
  • increased social acceptance for survivors applying for the status
  • increased numbers of survivors applying for the status recognition
  • increased numbers of positive models of family/community support

active discussion at round tables, media presence (newspaper, TV) that support public discussions around the topic of CRSV and the stigma and silence surrounding it.

Scope of work:

  1. Action plan

Contribution on detailed two year action plan for implementation of national/local awareness rising campaign

The action plan will be developed in a workshop with the joint participation of working group/main stakeholders

  1. Creative Concept

Creative concept should include:

  • The logo of the campaign;
  • Main message and other related messages to specific target groups;
  • Storyboard (drawn idea of the product from the beginning to end for audiovisual materials);
  • Proposal for script or synopsis;
  • Design of eventual additional elements (billboard, poster, leaflet, pamphlet, advertisement for newspaper banners for websites and social networks);
  1. Producing of the audio-visual and transmitting through the media
  • TV ads (informative, educational and benefits)
  • Radio ads (informative, educational and benefits)
  • Printed materials and websites (websites and social media)

Required expertise:

Interested agencies are required to provide a statement of their experience and capability, including a proposed work-plan, and an indicative budget for key activities to achieve the stated objectives in accordance with the guidelines given.

KRCT would like to contract a professional agency with:

  1. Demonstrated general experience in management and implementation of communication campaigns on sensitive issues;
  1. One similar contract successfully implemented.