June 20 2019 0Comment

Exhibition ‘Be my face’


Portraying with Survivors of Sexual Violence – Symbolizing Empowerment and Support

On the occasion of marking of 19 June – United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict was opened the exhibition ‘Be My Face’, of author Eliza Hoxha. This exhibition was presented by the Kosova Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims (KRCT) in cooperation with Eliza Hoxha.

The exhibition presents see-through glass frames with stories/quotes of survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo where visitors are called to visualize these stories as if the same thing could happen to them.

At opening day, ‘Be my face’ was visited by many national and international personalities, as well as representatives of civil society. This exhibition will be open until 30.06.2019 at the Museum of Kosovo.

‘Be My Face’ aims to promote a comprehensive approach and dignified treatment for survivors of sexual violence through awareness raising of society on the consequences of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo. The exhibition intents to fight stigma and social prejudice that surround victims – survivors of sexual violence from the wartime in Kosovo.