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FemArt, Conference: Unbroken / Wrong place, wrong time – 20 years later

Photo: FemArt


For the seventh time, Art and Community Center – Artpolis will organise FemArt festival – Women Artists Regional Festival that will be held in Prishtina during 10-16 June, 2019 (7 days). During the past six editions, the first Women’s regional Festival in Kosovo “FemArt” has achieved its mission of providing a welcoming place for women artists to show their art, inspired by social themes and Human rights in the Balkans region as well as providing an entertaining and dynamic atmosphere for visitors to learn on social issues confronting women of Kosovo, and women artists in particular in the region.

In the framework of FemArt, the Kosova Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims is a partner in the implementation of several activities, which in particular affect the rights of survivors of war-time sexual violence in Kosovo.

In the light of these activities was realized the exhibition ‘Be my face’ by Eliza Hoxha, in front of a large audience at Grand Hotel Prishtina. The exhibition brought together stories of survivors of sexual violence during the war, the KRCT’s beneficiaries putted in empty frames where visitors had the opportunity to visualize these stories and take pictures with them.

Also, on the second day of this festival, KRCT in cooperation with ArtPolis, held the conference “Unbroken / Wrong place, wrong time – 20 years later.” The conference was divided into three panels with distinguished representatives from CSOs who represent survivors of sexual violence, representatives of local and international institutions, regional organizations, family members of victims, journalists and prominent artists. Discussions conducted in these panels revealed the imminent need for social support for wartime survivors of sexual violence, as well as enhancing inter-institutional co-ordination on topics related to victims – survivors of sexual violence from the wartime in Kosovo.

Panel I: “Survivors of sexual violence during the 1990s war in Kosovo – 20 years after”

Panelist: Feride Rushiti, KRCT; Kadire Tahiraj, QPDG; Reyes Charle Cuellar, EU Gender Adviser; Sebiha Husic, Medica BiH

Moderated by: Valdete Idrizi

Panel II: “There is no shame on justice: addressing the stigma against survivors of sexual violence during the 1990s war in Kosovo – Perspective of state institutions”

Panelist: Feride Rushiti, KRCT; Edi Gusia, ABGJ; Minire Begaj Balaj, Government Commission for Recognition and Verification of the Status of Raped Persons during the Kosovo War; Nafi Krasniqi, DPG; Drita Hajdari, Prosecutor; Tom Adams, British Embassy in Kosovo

Moderated by: Jeta Xharra

Panel III: “Fighting the Stigma through Media and Art – Addressing and Recognizing Sexual Violence during the Kosovo War”

Panelist: Eliza Hoxha, artist & activist; Ardian Pajaziti, KultPlus; Ramize Murtezi-Shala, RTK; Valerie Plesch, photo reporter and freelance

Moderated by: Donika Emini