Vasfije is an activist at the Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT) that advocates for the rights of victims of wartime sexual violence.

The Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (The Korean Council) has selected Kosovo survivor Vasfije Krasniqi-Goodman as the winner of 2019 Kim Bok-dong Peace Prize. Kim Bok-dong Peace Prize honors individuals or organizations that have been engaged in the movement to resolve the wartime sexual violence issue and ensure women’s human rights in armed conflict across the world, following the spirit of the Japanese military sexual slavery victim Kim Bok-dong.

Vasfije was the first person to publicly narrate her trauma of sexual violence during Kosovo War. Afterwards she became a powerful voice of the Be My Voice campaign- in support of survivors of sexual violence during the war, and her unforgettable efforts in fighting stigmatization surrounding this social category. In addition she represented the voice of survivors of sexual violence from the war time to many international conferences, forums and symposiums. Vasfije also provided her testimony to the UN Human Rights Council, and more recently before the American Congress.