NEWBORN 2020: Birth of a future for the survivors of sexual violence from the wartime in Kosovo


Today, 12 years ago, the long-standing dream of Kosovo Albanians for an independent state was fulfilled. This centuries-old journey, besides being troublesome, it was equally painful. Lots of suffering and sacrifice accompanied us throughout the liberation. The NEWBORN monument, which symbolizes the birth of the state of Kosovo, which is also the birth of hope for a new life, this year is dedicated to a special social category – survivors of wartime sexual violence.

The end of the war in Kosovo and the proclamation of Independence, almost exclusively for this vulnerable social category did not mark the beginning of a new life, in fact the end of the war for them brought about the beginning of a new suffering, that of contempt and blaming for something that they were not guilty at all.

Therefore, it is the last moment for our society to overcome the prejudices and stigma that surrounds this social category. Thus, NEWBORN is entirely dedicated to victims – survivors of sexual violence.