The forum is conceived as a platform for discussion and exchange between survivors and key actors in the fight against sexual violence in fragile environments. It will highlight their experiences, actions, ideas and recommendations, and it will examine the socio-economic impacts of these human rights violations. The forum will present the initiatives of resilience that survivors are undertaking for healing, accessing justice, obtaining reparations, making their voices heard and becoming actors for peace and change. Through the Stand Speak Rise Up! initiative, HRH The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg will launch an Appeal to representatives of national and international organisations and civil society to unify behind survivors, support their cause and strengthen the means of action to put an end to impunity for the perpetrators of sexual violence crimes in conflict and fragile environments.

Feride Rushiti is panelist at the Ending stigma for the victims Session.

Stigmas and taboos are at the heart of the tragedy of sexual violence, and significantly exacerbate all of its impacts. Because of the stigma attached to sexual violence, victims are often rejected by their family and community, facing the double burden of both being the victim of violence and carrying the blame for this violence. These dynamics destroy families and, ultimately, communities – achieving the perpetrators’ goals of destruction and devastation.