May 20 2019 0Comment



Today, the Kosovo Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims together with other organisations representing victims – survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo, organised a protest march: “Treat me with dignity”.

The aim of this march was to assure the victims of sexual violence of our unreserved and uncompromised support goes on after the scandalous unveiling of a picture depicting rape during Kosovo Parliament session. Moreover, this march was initiated in order to convey the main message by the survivors, dignified treatment and justice for suffering and pain.

The Kosovo citizens gathered today as a show of support for the survivors, to let them know that they are not alone and abandoned in their troublesome journey towards full realization of their rights. Also, through this march, the protesters demanded from Kosovo Parliament to assume responsibility for the damages caused by publicising the aforementioned picture.

Now more than ever, without prejudices, the survivors are in need of solidarity and support. Through this protest, once again we demanded: justice, dignity, professionalism and sincerity.