Access to justice

(Part G)

Waiting for the investigations to begin 4
Investigation have begun 2
The indictment has been filed 3
The case was closed without any result
The perpetrator has been acquitted 0
The perpetrator was convicted 1
Does not have any information about what happened with the case 15
Other 1
Lack of information 86
Fear of punishment or threatening 78
Fear of prejudices 508
Economic difficulties 52
Lack of legal aid 46
Other 79
If you have presented the case, did you participate in any of the procedures:
Yes, in all procedures 3
Only in few cases 9
No, not in any procedure 34
Other 3
Authorized lawyer (personal payment) 0
Lawyer according to the official duty 3
Free legal aid agency 0
Victim’s advocates 2
Non-governmental organizations 13
Did not receive legal support 2
Other 1